Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lily Liver'd

I lost my Cattledog Wrigley in a divorce 9 years ago.

I think I just got her back.

I keep calling Lily a Sheep and Cattledog... She's definitely Sheltie and definitely something Australian. She is her own self but time after time I want to call her Wrigley. The way she runs, the silly look on her face...

We swore we'd never have another dog. But Loreena wanted one (note the past tense) and she fell into our laps serendipitously like all of our animals do. It just made it seem more like she was meant to be ours.

So she's added to the chaos. Is trying my patience. Is inspiring me to make long awaited changes. Is totally NOT a cat.

My cats are very mad. This time though they've decided to take it out on Loreena! Apparently they know the source of the canine usurper. And I really don't mind washing a basket of peed on clothes because I know that they know that I love them and would have never done that to them if it hadn't been for Loreena.

I do love Lily. And something will give here eventually. We struggle for routine around here and insist that we are letting go of the drama. Stepping off the roller-coaster if you will. I have my own carnival rides to visit. Lily is along for the ride here and she'll do great. We all will.

This next year around the sun is all about creating reality. Letting go and moving forward. Being happy and trusting the Universe to provide what we need to prosperous and loved. Love multiplies love.

Welcome to the carnival Miss Lily. Keep your paws in and enjoy the ride.

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  1. She's so cute! I love how those cattledog/Australian breeds can look so absolutely crazy but cute at the same time. My Australian back home with my parents is an old man now - 13 years old, blind and deaf. But he still recognizes me when I visit. They're the best dogs ever.