Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

I have two great Easter memories that stand out. The first is one when I was very little and my Dad put out chocolate covered raisins and said that the Easter bunny had been in the house and left rabbit droppings everywhere.

If you know my Dad, you know this makes total sense.

The next is a year we had snow on Easter. I remember laying on back between the trees in our back yard and the huge fluffy flakes falling softy all around me. I love that memory. It's one of my happy thoughts.

This Easter I am missing being with my family and enjoying Mina's first Easter. My sister loves bunnies so I bet Mina will get at least one lovely stuffed bunny to hug. I am also missing my Grandmother's pickled beet eggs.I love them!

Kelly- if you are reading this, let everyone know I would rather be home with all of you, eating beet eggs and ham.

I will instead be in a hot dusty house packing up what is left of our lives and trying to move on up.

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  1. Hope this makes you feel better, but there were no beet eggs this year. I was talking to Ryan about how the holidays will be so different without him for the next year. Everyone talked about how it could be the last holiday at Grandma's. I didn't realize she has lived there for 18 years!