Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am so tired that I can hardly move.

Younger step-D just slipped on the floor leaving the room. Does that mean she's a spaz or that I need rugs? You be the judge. I have now convinced her that wet-Swiffering her room sounds like FUN! Maybe not fun exactly but she's doing it.

Kitty Walk 80% installed. Pictures coming later! John and Sarah made a trip to Tville to get the walk part and another load of stuff.

I have to sleep. Stayed up late watching the EMT's help a crying girl in front of my house. Have washed every comforter and sheet set at least twice and Fat Head is still only peeing on things he's perceiving to be mine. Apparently this is all my fault. I am not trusting him to go anywhere out of my sight.

Something that sounded like glass breaking just fell in the kitchen and Stella is the only one uaccounted for. Guess I don't get my nap.


  1. if we had rugs and I wasn't a spaz
    By: loreena Kates Step-D

    if we had rugs and I wasn't a spaz we would be trillonairs!

    we don't have rugs and I'm a spaz but if we did have rugs (which we don't) we would have to be in another house that had rugs that WE would be living in.....Like a millon dollor beach house on coconut grove Forida!

    and if we had a house there we would have to have more money then we do right 9999999999999999$ more. which is why we would be trillonairs! anyone get it?

    i thought not

  2. I'm not really wanting to try to sell our house the more I read your blog....I remember being there. It's not fun!