Thursday, April 16, 2009


I pieced my ear again yesterday.

Man, I hope my Mom isn’t reading this.

I couldn’t resist! When I realized that I could get a 16g stainless steel barbell in my upper ear at Claire’s using the earring gun at the mall for less than $20??
I was so there!!

So I get to the store, a little worried because, hello! Cartilage! And I sit down to wait for the manager who is the only one in the store trained to pierce cartilage. And who should walk up to wait in line behind me to get her little ears pierced but Cindy Lou Who. I swear this little six year old is standing by the chair I am sitting in sucking her thumb and holding her teddy bear.

I tell her “don’t worry if it looks like it hurts me, yours is going to be MUCH easier than mine” (at this point I am hoping for silent tears at best) and her mother ask where I’m getting it, I point and she mouths to me “she’s really scared, this is her 3rd try”.

Great. No pressure to cowboy up or anything.

They watch. I get pierced. Cindy Lou gets a high five from me and she was all smiles hopping up into the chair. I didn’t have the heart to stay and watch her get hers done. I would have felt like a traitor.

But honestly? It really wasn’t that bad! Not really that much more pain… seriously.

I can so totally handle a tattoo now.


  1. Way to go! Can we see a picture?

    Also, as a recent first time tattoo-getter, you totally can do it. I'm not gonna lie. It hurts like an emm effer. But the endorphins kick in quickly, and the whole procedure doesn't take that long. Unless you're getting a mural on your back or something nutty like that.

  2. Hey Katie. Nice to meet you! Tattoos hurt, but they are worth it. I have three.