Monday, March 23, 2009


We spent the day in the city. What a relief.

He worked and I read Geek Love all morning at the coffee shop, quick sandwich for lunch, trolled the thrift stores, found the library, and started to create a to do list. All within a mile of our new home.

The house has an awesome furnace and is high enough above the street that car sounds don't bother. The closets look like they were an after thought and I don't think anything will hang in them, but that probably just means we buy some cool furniture pieces. Any suggestions?
I know what I need for the kitchen; butcher blocks for baking! I will be baking my way through the Scandinavian Baking Book I got for Christmas. I will post results here I promise. And rugs. I for sure need rugs.

First on the list: Downtown Thai and The Tempest

I love my life!

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