Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Kitchen Conundrum

Ever try to cook something that uses no utensils or pots and pans?

We are "camping" in our new house (:)). But I have no kitchen equipment at all.

We ended up with frozen pizzas, oven ready Jack Daniels pork roast, tortillas, a small container of precut peppers and onions, bag of cheese, chips and salsa, and a can of black beans. Do you see my mistake? No can opener. Sigh...

The only thing I really wanted but did not get was ice tea. There is no blasted un-sweet tea in this state!! Maybe we will find a fast food restaurant that still has some of their "diet" tea available for the sugar intolerant on the way home.

By the way- I have named our house "the super happy sunshine house". So far it's only me who is not living up to the name. I think it's the Benedryl hangover from last nights West Coast Wings sulphite bonanza....

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