Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love this katydid picture that I found for the blog. She looks like she is testing the limits of her flower filled world. Ready to leap of the edge to a new adventure. It's the perfect emblem for my life.

Watch out little katydid, there are many pitfalls and false alleyways in which you might lose your way!

Today I am writing a $50,000.00 NEA grant for a quartet in residence from Mexico, writing a paper on voter registration and if there is a better way, nursing a new kitty through a heat cycle and ear mites, nursing the other kitty through neutering surgery, thinking about all the fun things we can do this weekend in the city, making strawberry sundaes with my husband, and sending out press about how my county had 2 regional winners advance to the state level in our conservation poster and speech competitions!

Life is full and good. Living in the moment, I have to say it really is.

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