Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forever Home

I sometimes joke about the literary drama that always seems to surround my cats... but really it does! "And the kitties all said sit down...." Streetcar Named Desire... Les Miz with Cats...

Teeny is my Tom-cat. He was the best and most precious present from my husband who has taken to calling him Fat Head. Stella is our new Maine Coon Princess who I have just realized has been moved around to house after house in the last 9 months. She has attention issues.

The Princess loved Teeny at first sight but has now cooled her attentions and is agressive toward him. I don't blame her. She's had enough. But she also probably feels like this cat threatens her people time. And boy does she love people time.

There is no doubt in my mind that Stella is a permanent member of our family. I do not take animals into my heart and home without believing that it is forever. I do not understand people who do. Fostering is great, those are not the homes I'm talking about. It's the homes that buy a pet and then can't take the responsibility.

Are these the same people who believe that animals do not have souls? Do they think animals do not experience fear or loss or happiness? If you have ever been licked by a dog, or felt a cat purr against your chest you know the truth. Animals can be pure joy in a home or a heart.

I read an article about pets and stress relief. The world has a whole lot of stress lately and these animals feel it too. Share some love and stability. They will be there for you whenever you need them if only you will open the door.

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