Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get me To the City!

I am tired of this old life...

I can't wait to be able to walk to the library, listen to live music outside, walk on a sidewalk, see the skyline, order out and have it delivered, walk downtown and find my husband at his coffee shop, live in a home with real ceilings, and find art in unexpected places.

I am going to buy a brick for my husband to help pave the city we love. It will say: true love endures.

I am going to buy the most outrageous blooming flowers for my window boxes so that everyone who drives down our street will see them and know that wildly happy people live there.

I am going to know my neighbors and people who serve me coffee and sandwiches downtown.

I am going to live my life in the moment and not waste one second in fear or anxiety.

I will teach my family that home is a feeling and that we carry it with us wherever we go.


  1. Sounds great , Can I join you?

  2. We should meet up and have some coffee once you're in town! We're big fans of Krankies downtown and hang out there a lot on the weekends.